Security awareness for transit employees guide

Transit Security

Bus and train operators face a broad range of security threats. This 4-hour instructor-led training was developed under contract with TriMet. Because they wanted to avoid the standard “death by PowerPoint” this training involves a series of role play scenarios that allow operators (and other TriMet employees) to practice some of the skills that hopefully they will never need. It includes the PowerPoint deck , a facilitator guide, scenario packet, and a handout with a quiz

Coding Complexity

It may seem like your medical bills are too high, but if you are a hospital you want to make sure that you are billing insurance companies for all of the services you actually provide. This would actually make your bills smaller, while ensuring that the hospital system is reimbursed appropriately. This project was designed to capture millions of dollars of lost revenue resulting from incomplete coding.  It uses some fancy Storyline variables math and scenarios. 

Code videos screen grab

New Employee Codes

Back in the day a local hospital had to sit all the new employees in a room to tell them about the intricacies of life saving code procedures. Then they had to schlep a code cart across the campus to let everyone see what was inside it. This little module uses video enactments and an exploding code cart to get the point across faster and more effectively. See for yourself.

Server Ingredients

A self-guided tour of a server developed in Captivate for a major chip manufacturer. It orients new employees to what all the parts of a server do. They found that it was also helpful for people who had been there for a long time. The longer you work on your part of the puzzle the deeper your knowledge gets, but the breadth of your knowledge goes down because you can’t keep up with what other teams are developing. 

The Competent Physician

This was a project completed for OHSU’s School of Medicine to introduce new Competencies from the ACGME.  I was the Director of Instructional Design on this one, so I did all of the design and script writing, but I got to work with a cast of dozens including programmers, videographers, graphic designers, and of course the amazing experts at OHSU. Because it is more than 10 years old it uses Flash. If you don’t have Flash on your device you will not be able to open it. (Demo available on request.)

Jama for Creators

Rapid e-learning development at its best. This is a collection of how-to videos to introduce new users to some of the features of Jama, a requirements management software tool. (Demo available on request.)

A few more bits and bobs

Here are a few pieces from these and other projects. Select the links to open the documents in new tabs/windows.

  •  For The Competent Physician project above I wrote the Instructional Design Document and Course Script that shaped the final outcome. A big part of that project was the Physician Performance Diagnostic Inventory designed by Dr. Jamie Dickey. This assessment provided for self- and faculty-assessment of students’ development. The results of this project were summarized on page 12 in this ACGME bulletin
  •  The Marketing and Medicine curriculum actually won the 2008 Innovation in Education award from the Society of General Internal Medicine. It was a lot of fun. You can see the ID Document, one of the scripts, and an endorsement from the sponsor and subject matter expert, Dr. Stephanie Halvorson. 
  • Instructor Led Training? Sure.
  • Too much high tech and health care? How about a job aide for a car wash?

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